Social Investment

Create more impact with your giving by becoming a social investor.

Designed to achieve a social as well as a financial return, this is a tax efficient way for you to help charities and social enterprises make a lasting impact. Charities Trust offers a range of opportunities for individuals and corporate/charitable foundations to become a social investor.

How it works
  • Charities Trust is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) provider
  • A DAF is a philanthropic fund held within a charitable organisation - essentially a charitable giving account
  • Social investors can make contributions to their account as often as they like via bank transfer, credit/debit card, payroll giving or transfer existing investments
  • Social investments can then be made to your chosen causes
  • Any return (though not guaranteed) goes back in to your account to be reinvested in other social causes or donated to UK charities
Choice and flexibility
  • We offer a range of social investment opportunities, supporting many different causes
  • The choice is yours depending on your particular interest or passion
Tax benefits
  • If you're a UK tax payer there are tax benefits
  • For example: A 40% tax payer donating £50K into their account via bank transfer will have a further £12,500 added once Gift Aid has been claimed
Grow your giving
  • The intention is to provide a pot of money in your account that constantly recycles
  • There is no guarantee of a financial return, whatever is made will go back in to your account, making more funds available to make more impact
​Regular updates
  • You'll receive regular updates during the duration of your investment
  • They'll keep you up to date with the impact your donation is making
Want to know more?

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You can also download a detailed guide produced by the DAF Advisory Council. Download it here >

Social impact investing is attractive to donors who don't require capital themselves but who are keen to support interesting initiatives which benefit society in the long run. This is about your donations having a genuine social impact

Ron Sheldon | Former MD of Advent interational
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