Quality Mark

Your very own Payroll Giving Quality Mark. Recognising your employees' participation and your outstanding contribution to good causes.

Every employer that offers a Payroll Giving scheme is eligible to receive a Quality Mark. Supported by the Government it recognises businesses that are operating exceptional schemes.

Five awards

There are five awards up for grabs based on your employee participation

  1. Diamond = 30% participation
  2. Platinum = 20%
  3. Gold = 10%
  4. Silver = 5%
  5. Bronze = 1%
How to get your mark

If you run your scheme with us, sit back and relax. We do the hard work

We calculate your participation and if you hit the mark, we'll send you your award, ready for you to shout about it

Six ways to boost your scheme
  • Promote it | Payslips, posters, emails, flyers, letters, postcards, screensavers. We can help. Check out our promotional material for inspiration >

  • Get social | Host an event, presentation or team social, perhaps on payday

  • Add impact | Team up with a charity or good cause, invite them in, make it real

  • Share success | Keep your people posted about how much they're raising. Aim to achieve a Quality Mark and apply for an Excellence Award

  • Match fund it | Agree to match donations, adding more value to the cause and employee buy in

  • Get on board | Get your top team on board, lead by example and include it as part of induction

Hit your mark

Follow the steps above to promote your scheme and don't forget to advise us if your employee numbers change >

Our clients

Here's just some of the great people we're working with to support their charitable giving