Payroll Giving

Make every payday count with Payroll Giving. It's the smart way to give to the causes you care about.

Payroll Giving allows you to donate direct from your pay to any UK registered charity or good cause. Easy to set up, safe, secure and tax-friendly.

Supports causes you care about
  • You can donate to 1,000's of UK registered charities and good causes
  • Donations can be split between multiple causes
Easy and convenient
  • Donations are made straight from your pay
  • You decide how much you want to give and to which causes
  • You can use a My Giving Account for extra flexibility
  • It costs you less to give more - donations cost you at least 20% less as they’re taken from your pre-tax pay
  • You can make a one off tax-free donation at any time e.g. if you receive a bonus
Safe and secure
It costs you less to give more

Donations are deducted from gross pay, before tax is deducted. This gives immediate tax relief. Depending on your tax rate, if you donate £10 per month, you pay £8 from your net pay, your charity receives £10. Win-win

Have a play with our calculator to find out how much your donation will cost or learn more about the tax break for payroll givers on the HMRC website

Payroll Giving Calculator

Find out how much your donation will cost.

Getting Started | 3 Simple Steps
  • Contact your HR / payroll department | Check to see if your employer has a Payroll Giving scheme in place. If not, they can register with us. Find out how >

  • Sign up | If your employer has a scheme in place, great. You now need to register. If the scheme is with us, you can use our Employee Sign Up Form

  • Send your completed form to your HR / payroll department | They will process your details. We take care of the rest and hey presto, your giving begins

Great value, very competitive and no hidden costs

There are no set-up costs. We charge a low administration fee of just 25p per donor, per month, regardless of the value of your donation. Your employer may choose to cover this fee on your behalf.

People like to give back and by giving just a small amount each month adds up to something life changing

Andrew Jones | Mediterranean Shipping Company
Start giving the smart way

Follow the steps above or contact us for more help >

Our clients

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