Payroll Giving donor terms & conditions

These Terms and Conditions may change or be updated from time to time. It remains your responsibility to access and check these Terms and Conditions.

The latest version of these Terms and Conditions will govern any future usage by you of the website and its associated services. The date on which these Terms and Conditions were last updated is stated at the end of this document.

The Payroll Giving service is provided by Charities Trust under the Charitable Deductions (approved schemes) Regulations 1986 and subsequent amendments. Charities Trust is a charity registered with The Charity Commission (number 327489) and a Payroll Giving Agency approved by HMRC.

The service is provided on the following terms and conditions:

  1. I understand that completing this form gives authority to my Employer to deduct payroll giving donations from my salary until further notice
  2. I understand that I may cancel my payroll giving donation by informing my Employer and that this will be subject to my Employer’s payroll processing times
  3. I understand that my Employer will not see my charity nominations
  4. I understand that Charities Trust will pass my details to the charities I am supporting based on the contact preferences I have selected and that;
    a.  The contact preferences passed over on the charity statements are collected as part of the Payroll Giving sign up process
    b.  Details should only be used for communicating to donors who have given specific consent
  5. I understand that neither I nor the charities I support are eligible for any further tax relief on my payroll giving donations
  6. I understand that neither I nor anyone connected with me is entitled to receive a benefit or service as a result of my payroll giving donation. For the avoidance of doubt this means that payroll giving donations may not be used to pay for charity auction prizes, school fees or any products or services (this is not an exhaustive list) provided by the charity
  7. I understand that no donation can be made to an organisation that returns a personal benefit to me or or anyone connected with me
  8. I understand that in no circumstances are my payroll giving donations returnable to me once passed over to Charities Trust
  9. I understand that should Charities Trust be unable to pass my donation to my nominated charity, Charities Trust will endeavour to contact me to obtain an alternative nomination but if unable to contact me Charities Trust will pay over my donations to a charity which, in the reasonable opinion of Charities Trust, has similar aims and objectives to my original choice. In no circumstances will Charities Trust appropriate my donation to its own funds
  10. I understand that is my responsibility to update Charities Trust if my contact details change
  11. I understand that Charities Trust will charge an administration fee for processing my payroll giving donation and that if my Employer does not cover this cost the fee will be deducted from my donation before disbursement to my nominated charities
  12. I understand that Charities Trust may vary this administration fee by giving prior written notice to my Employer
  13. I understand that I may, at the end of tax year, request from Charities Trust a statement of my payroll giving monies received from my Employer and the payment by Charities Trust to the charities I have nominated
  14. I understand that if I leave my current employment my payroll giving donations will cease and that if I wish to participate in payroll giving with my new Employer I will need to register again
  15. I understand that on leaving my employment I may request from my Employer a statement of the total amount withheld from my pay in the year in which I leave employment
  16. Some employers run free prize draws to encourage payroll giving among their employees. If your employee offers this opportunity and you opt to take part then we may pass the details of your charity selections to your employer in order for the draw to be made
  17. If you have chosen a My Giving Account please refer to the My Giving Account terms and conditions


Date of last revision: 2nd April 2024