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New platform partnership to increase employee volunteering opportunities

February 28th, 2019
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Ethical Angel’s platform enables employees to volunteer time, resource and skills to charities that need their expertise. Employees can develop their skills and feel connected to a cause with businesses being able to gain key insights on how their CSR strategy is performing through intelligent reporting tools.

Working with Charities Trust this means that companies, charities and individuals benefit from a simple user experience that combines opportunities to volunteer with the ability to support the charity with tax efficient donations using Charities Trust’s tried and tested payroll giving service.

“Charities Trust’s aim is to grow charitable giving by making it as simple and as straightforward as possible for companies and their employees to raise money. Payroll Giving is very easy for companies to administer and we know that employees really appreciate their employers giving them the opportunity to make charitable donations in this way.

Our partnership enables companies to provide volunteering opportunities for employees to support charities large and small; combining this with our proven payroll giving service means that employees can seamlessly donate time and money to support their chosen charities.” Euan Imrie, Chief Operating Officer, Charities Trust.

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