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Leading with Heart and Head

November 24th, 2016

The business of running a charity in today's society is a lot more than just kind hearts. The challenges are big and complex.

That's why we've been involved in a new programme, made in partnership with ACEVO and ITN Productions, to help highlight the issues and show how joined up thinking and working together across the public, private and charity sector can have a massive impact.

Introduced by national newsreader, 'Leading with Heart and Head' demonstrates the charity sector’s wider contribution to society and shows how the right treatment of charitable donations is just as important as raising the money itself. And this is where Charities Trust steps in. (Running time mins 4.34 mins)

During the past five years, Charities Trust has distributed more then £300 million to 50,000 charities, as its CEO, Linda Minnis, explains:"Over our 30 year history we have been supporting thousands of organisations, providing them with different types of tools and products to help support their corporate and individual fundraising. 

"It is vital that the service we offer and our processes are safe, secure and robust so that the right funds go to the right place at the right time. We all benefit from working together, but most of all, society benefits. Giving feels good and organisations and their employees want to give something back. We are very proud to play our part in that."

Aviva Community FundAlder Hey Children's Charity and the Costa Foundation are all showcased in the programme, working alongside Charities Trust on a range of donation management solutions.

Debbie Bullock Aviva

Debbie Bullock, Community Investment Manager, Aviva: "Charities Trust supports the Aviva Community Fund. They moderate all the projects, do the due diligence on the winners and most importantly, they pay out the money."

Alder Hey

Claire White, Chief Executive, Alder Hey Children's Charity. "We partnered with Charities Trust when we saw the potential for payroll giving - there was a real gap in our portfolio of income. Our next big appeal is around research and innovation so unrestricted income and regular giving is incredibly important to support that."


Piers Blake, Costa Foundation Manager: "Charities Trust helped us to set up our foundation. They helped us to do that legally. They helped us with a fundraising strategy and to implement donation mechanics to support that strategy. They gave us help and advice every step of the way."

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