Raising money for your favourite causes couldn't be easier with Sponsor Me, our online fundraising service designed specifically for companies and employees.

Choice of charities and good causes

You and your colleagues can fundraise for over 23,000 UK registered charities and good causes with Sponsor Me. You can support up to six different charities per fundraising event.

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Simple to get up and running

It’s easy to create company, team and individual fundraising pages and you can also add your own business’s branding including logos, text and social media channels.


Track your progress every step of the way

Keep your fundraising goals on track with detailed reporting helping you to manage your event. You can also share an interactive totaliser with the amount raised so far against your target.


See fundraising take-off with Match Giving

Sponsor Me is designed to make it easy for your employer to support your fundraising with Match Giving –matching the donations you receive in total or up to a set limit.

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Start fundraising today

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Fundraising FAQs

Who can use Sponsor Me?

Any individual can use Sponsor Me to raise money for charity. There is also the option to create team events so that you can work with others to increase the donations in support of your cause.

Please note that Sponsor Me cannot be used to raise money for an individual. All funds raised using Sponsor Me must be paid to a registered charity or not-for-profit.

Companies can also use Sponsor Me - in fact we have a Corporate Sponsor Me option for companies to use, which can help them to get the results from their fundraising campaigns.

Companies interested in a corporate Sponsor Me should contact us for more information.

Which charities can I support with Sponsor Me?

Sponsor Me is open to all UK registered charities and not-for-profits. We have a database of thousands of verified UK charities and good causes that can receive donations as soon as you've set up a Sponsor Me page.

If we do not have a charity listed, you can complete a 'Charity Request Form' and they will be added to our database once they have been validated.

How many charities can I raise money for?

You can raise money for up to six charities for each page you set up. You can also decide how the money is split between the charities

I’ve forgotten my Sponsor Me username and/or password

Your username will be your email address, please click here if you have forgotten your password

My event is no longer accepting donations

If your page is no longer showing the option to make a donation it will be because your page has now closed. Your page will close at 23:59:59 on the date you select it to.

Can I re-open an event?

Sorry - once a page has been closed it cannot be reopened.

I can’t upload my image onto my profile/event

Your banner image should be a minimum of 1600px x 800px in JPEG format.

If you’re having issues please contact us on or call us on 0151 286 5129.

When will my funds pay out?

Currently Charities Trust makes fundraising payments to charities once a month, around the 15th of each month.

Please note, this this is not a bulk donation that pays once the page has closed but that it is paid across in stages during the life of the event, until the event has finally closed.