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Plug-in our payment processing and governance expertise plus leading charity database to fast-track your giving platform to growth.


Growing giving with GiveWheel

See how we’re helping GiveWheel bring multi-charity fundraising to individuals, teams and companies.

Your payments in safe hands

Focus on growing your business, confident in the knowledge that our expert team and secure technology platform look after millions of donations, Gift Aid payments, and payment files every single day.

Charities Trust is a key partner for GiveWheel. Access to their trusted and verified network of charities and good causes plus expertise in distributing donations has been pivotal to our scaling and ability to deliver major positive impact for charities, fundraisers, and donors.

Charlie Hart Co-Founder, Partnerships, GiveWheel

Choice for your customers.
Peace of mind for you.

Turn on over 23,000 registered charities and good causes on day one with our leading charity network – all carefully screened and vetted through our HMRC approved due diligence and verification processes.

Network of charities | Charities Trust

Great value and no hidden costs

Get a greater share of your users’ donations to the causes they support with our highly competitive processing fees made possible by our charity and not-for-profit status.

For Charities | Charities Trust
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