Payroll Giving 

Build your organisation’s reputation with a simple and tax-effective way for your employees to give to the causes that matter to them.

A great way for your employees to give 

When employees give through your Payroll Giving scheme, donations are taken from gross pay, after NI but before tax is deducted, so it costs them less to give more to their favourite charities

Cost to employee of a £25 monthly donation

Payroll Giving | Charities Trust Employee tax band

Why choose Charities Trust for Payroll Giving

Choice of charities | Charities Trust

Choice of charities

23,000+ causes for employees to choose from

HMRC approved | Charities Trust

HMRC approved

Registered Payroll Giving agency since 1987

Governance expertise | Charities Trust

Governance expertise

Charities continuously vetted for peace of mind

Not for profit fees | Charities Trust

Not-for-profit fees

No set-up costs, just 25p per donor, per month

Monthly reports | Charities Trust

Monthly reports

Insights to grow the success of your scheme

Committed support | Charities Trust

Committed support

Our friendly team is always ready to help

Sponsor Me User Interface | Charities Trust

Make giving easy with a My Giving Account

With their own My Giving Account, your employees can control how much they give and which charities they give to without having to contact your payroll team. It all adds up to less work for you and greater participation in your scheme. 

Getting started

Set-up your Payroll Giving scheme in 5 simple steps.

  • 1

    Register with us

    Complete our simple registration process and receive a welcome pack plus helpline support

  • 2

    Promote your scheme

    Use our free tools and templates to promote your new scheme to your employees

  • 3

    Sign-up employees

    Employees complete a simple sign-up form, with details of their chosen charities

  • 4

    Run payroll

    Send details of payroll deductions via our secure portal and make one payment directly to us

  • 5

    Make an impact

    Sit back as we quickly and securely distribute funds to the vetted charities selected by your employees

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Payroll Giving FAQs

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving (sometimes called Workplace Giving or Give As You Earn) is a way for employees to give money to charities of their choice without paying tax on it. It must be paid through PAYE from an employee’s wages or pension.

Payroll Giving provides tax relief at source for individuals who give to charity by direct deduction from their pay.

What is a Payroll Giving Agency?

A Payroll Giving Agency is a charity approved and monitored by HMRC for the purpose of distributing your employees’ donations to their chosen charities under the Charitable Deductions (Approved Schemes) Regulations SI 1986/2211 (as amended).

Charities Trust is an HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency.

Can all employees give through Payroll Giving?

Any employee whose employer deducts Income Tax under normal Pay As You Earn (PAYE) rules can give to charity direct from their salary.

Once an employee has signed up to their employer’s scheme the employer deducts the authorised amount from the employee’s pay before deducting tax under PAYE and sends the payment to Charities Trust.

National Insurance contributions are still calculated on the employee’s gross amount of pay before Payroll Giving donations are deducted. There is no limit on the amounts that an employee can give from their pay.

How do I set up Payroll Giving?

Setting up a Payroll Giving scheme is easy. Simply contact Charities Trust to register with us and we’ll give you everything you need to get up and running.

What are the costs to set up Payroll Giving?

Charities Trust is not-for-profit and consequently keeps costs to an absolute minimum.  There is no set up fee or monthly charge.

Admin fees are deducted in advance; 25p per donor, per month, regardless of the value of the donation. There is no charge to charities to receive money from Charities Trust.

How can I make Payroll Giving a success? 

Charities Trust provides a range of tools to help promote Payroll Giving to employees and encourage more people to join.

In addition, Match Giving where an organisation pledges to match the amount their employees give to charity (up to an agreed level) is proven to drive employee participation. Quality marks and recognition awards are also available for companies.

Get in touch to start or switch your Payroll Giving scheme Get in touch to start or switch your Payroll Giving scheme

Get in touch to start or switch your Payroll Giving scheme