Match Giving

Motivate your teams, boost Payroll Giving and Fundraising, and grow the impact of your organisation’s charitable giving activities when you match employee’s donations.

Make a bigger impact with Match Giving

Incentivising fundraising is proven to engage and motivate employees, helping you to grow participation in payroll giving, fundraising and volunteering activity.


more likely to give if match funded

1 in 3

donate more when match funded


average matched donation is 250% higher

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Why choose Charities Trust for Match Giving

Choice of charities | Charities Trust

Real flexibility

Match Payroll Giving, fundraising & volunteering

HMRC approved | Charities Trust

Simple to run

The whole process is managed for you end-to-end

Governance expertise | Charities Trust

Governance expertise

23,000+ charities continuously vetted for peace of mind

Not for profit fees | Charities Trust

Not-for-profit fees

No set-up costs, no hidden fees, just great value

Monthly reports | Charities Trust

Monthly reports

Insights to grow the success of your programmes

Committed support | Charities Trust

Committed support

Our friendly and team is always ready to help


Growing giving with NatWest Group

See how Match Giving has helped NatWest Group build award winning charitable giving programmes.

Sponsor Me User Interface | Charities Trust

Make giving easy with a My Giving Account

With their own My Giving Account, your employees can control how much they give and which charities they give to without having to contact your payroll team. It all adds up to less work for you and greater participation in your giving programmes.

Match Giving FAQs

What is Match Giving?

Match Giving, Matched Giving or Match Funding is when an organisation matches the amount an employee donates or fundraises for their chosen charities up to a set level.

Match Giving is one of the best ways for companies to engage employees, boost donations and support great causes.

What are the benefits of Match Giving?

Match Giving is one of the easiest ways to engage employees and demonstrate a commitment to the charities and causes they care about.

When organisations offer Match Giving, more of their employees participate in Payroll Giving and other giving programmes. People are also shown to donate more when Match Giving is offered.

How do I set up Match Giving?

Setting up Match Giving is easy. Simply contact Charities Trust with your requirements and we’ll be happy to get you started.

As a not-for-profit, we are able to keep administration costs to an absolute minimum so that more of your Match Giving reaches the charity sector.

How much should employers spend on Match Giving?

Match Giving is a great incentive for employees to give. It doesn't have to be a lot of money in the match pool.

Most employers offer to match employee donations at a capped amount or for a set time period; helping to limit the budget required.

Days such as GivingTuesday (more information here are great times to promote Match Giving.

Get in touch to make Match Giving work for you Get in touch to make Match Giving work for you

Get in touch to make Match Giving work for you

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