Corporate Giving

Get a new idea off the ground or grow the impact of an existing initiative with expert services spanning grant giving, corporate donations, marketing promotions and more.

Why choose Charities Trust for Corporate Giving

Governance expertise | Charities Trust

Governance expertise

Ensuring you control risk and make the most of your giving activities

Choice of charities | Charities Trust

Choice of charities

23,000 charities and causes continuously vetted for peace of mind

HMRC approved | Charities Trust

Due-diligence & verification

Protecting your reputation and keeping you in-step with regulations

Multi-site Giving | Charities Trust

Real flexibility

Grant programmes, corporate donations, marketing promotions and more

Committed support | Charities Trust

Committed support

Get new giving initiatives off the ground with our friendly, expert team

Not for profit fees | Charities Trust

Not-for-profit fees

Ensure you get more to the charities and causes your organisation supports


Helping the Benefact Group to do business better

See how we helped conceive and launch the business’s flagship Movement for Good Awards

Manage all your corporate giving in one place

Simplify administration, reduce costs and make life easier for everyone when you bring your different giving programmes together with Charities Trust. You’ll also gain a single picture of all the good your organisation does, making governance and reporting a breeze.

Turn your ideas into action

A new community grants or social investment programme? Changing your approach to CSR? Or launching a new marketing promotion with a charitable purpose? Whatever your goals, our team are ready with the advice and expertise you need bring your vision to life.

Get in touch to discover more about our Corporate Giving services Get in touch to discover more about our Corporate Giving services

Get in touch to discover more about our Corporate Giving services

Corporate Giving FAQs

What is Corporate Giving?

Corporate Giving is the practice of businesses or public sector organisations donating money, resources or time to charities and good causes.

It is generally part of an organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR programme and can also fall under umbrella terms such as Sustainability or Community Investment.

What are different types of Corporate Giving?

Corporate Giving can take many forms ranging from financial donations, grant giving, awards and employee match programmes.

It can also include marketing or sales promotions where a business’s customers support charities through their purchases.

What are the benefits of Corporate Giving?

Corporate Giving does not just benefit charities and society; it helps organisations to build their reputations, differentiate their brands, grow customer loyalty and advocacy, attract and retain talent and ultimately boost their bottom lines.

Research has continuously shown that when authentically delivered, Corporate Giving can have real business impact. For example,  a 2024 YouGov study showed that almost half of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand which gives to charity.

How much do Corporates give to charities and good causes?

Various studies have shown that many organisations donate over 1% of their profits to charities and good causes.

Across our client base, we see the most purposeful businesses delivering against this – Nationwide for example donates at least 1% of its pre-tax profits to charitable causes every year.

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