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Celebrate success with a Payroll Giving Quality Mark

Published on 05 Feb, 2024

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The Payroll Giving Quality Mark is a government-backed accreditation, rewarding and recognising those organisations offering Payroll Giving with different level Quality Marks - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Every employer that offers a Payroll Giving scheme is eligible to receive a Quality Mark, based on employee participation in their scheme plus a number of other factors.

It’s a great way to judge the progress of your scheme as well as celebrating and publicising your success to employees, clients, customers and other stakeholders.

Quality Mark Levels

The different award levels are based on a points system.

Employee participation is a critical factor with one point awarded for every % participation up to a maximum of 30 points (for 30%).

Additional points are then awarded if you pay admin fees on behalf of your employees, match fund employee donations and actively promote the scheme through events and digital promotions.

To achieve the top Diamond level, you need to gain 50 points and will likely have over 20% employee participation plus meet the additional points winning criteria.

The points for different award levels are as follows:

  • Bronze = 10 Points
  • Silver = 20 Points
  • Gold = 30 Points
  • Platinum = 40 Points
  • Diamond = 50 Points

Calculate your Quality Mark Level

If you’d like to estimate your Quality Mark level, the Association of Payroll Giving Organisations has a useful calculator on their website here:

How to get your mark

The awards are based on yearly employee participation, and the cut-off date is 30th April each year.

Charities Trust manages the award process – we calculate your participation each year and we'll send you your award, certificate and a Quality Mark logo ready for you to share your achievement.

If you’re not at Diamond award levels just yet don’t worry! We’re ready and available to help you grow employee participation in your scheme and see many clients progress through the Quality Mark levels over time as Payroll Giving becomes more embedded in their organisation’s culture.