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#10 ways to grow employee participation in Payroll Giving

Published on 13 Mar, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Organisations that achieve the Diamond level Payroll Giving Quality Mark typically have well over 20% of employees participating in Payroll Giving. 

This may seem like a high bar to reach, but across our client base we have seen many giving leaders go even further with the right mix of strategies and tactics to promote their schemes.

So how can you take Payroll Giving to the next level? Here are a few guiding principles to follow: 

1. Build understanding: Help people understand how Payroll Giving works, the incredible tax benefits it offers and how they can give more for less. Information sessions really help along with ongoing communications and campaigns through email, intranets and other internal channels.

2. Make it easy: Think about the barriers to participation and remove as many as possible. Make the enrolment process as simple and convenient as possible, online is always best. A good idea is to make your scheme really visible during your welcome process for new joiners.

3. Offer choice and control: Payroll Giving is always personal so ensure you offer people the widest choice of charities and causes. With 23,000+ charities on our database, we can definitely help with that. Control is also key - the Charities Trust My Giving Account lets employees easily change the amount they give and which charities they support. People who use it are more engaged and give more.

4. Use Match Funding: Allocating a part of your budget to match the donations of your employees - up to a capped amount or for a set time period - can have a big impact. Our own research has previously shown that people are 84% more likely to give to a charitable cause if match funding is offered.

5. Lead from the top: Get senior leaders and management to champion your Payroll Giving scheme and make it feel part of your company culture.  Ensure they participate and make them visible in communications and promotional activities. 

6. Harness colleague advocacy:  Encourage colleagues who are already participating in Payroll Giving to share their experiences and reasons for giving. This can inspire others to join in, especially if they see people supporting charitable causes that resonate with them. Colleague-get-colleague promotions and incentives can work really well. 

7. Share success: Recognise colleagues who participate in Payroll Giving and express gratitude for their generosity. Consider featuring donors in company newsletters, social media posts, or internal communications to highlight their contributions.

8. Celebrate impact: Provide regular updates on the impact of employee donations. Share stories, testimonials, and numbers that demonstrate how their contributions are making a difference to good causes and in the community. This builds trust and reinforces the value of your scheme and their participation.

9. Listen and improve: Gather input from employees about your Payroll Giving scheme. Encourage people to share their suggestions and ideas for improvement. Use this feedback to refine things and address any barriers to participation.

10. Set goals: Set a participation goal for your company and share progress towards it. If you receive a Bronze Payroll Giving Quality Mark this year, aim for Silver next. Introduce some friendly competition by offering rewards and recognition for departments or teams that achieve certain goals.